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Bumstead website officially launched!

We launched the Bumstead Productions website earlier this month.   So far, it’s our most complete implementation of the Fresher music vertical projects.  It includes:

  • Shopping cart for digital and physical sales
  • Widget player with individual track buys
  • Widget creator
  • Integration with all 3rd party apps (ArtistData, PayPal, Courrielleur, YouTube, etc)
  • Large file downloads (for selling HD video)
  • Bundle options (for selling packages)
  • Featured release, artists, and bundles
  • RSS feeds
  • Contact page
  • Dynamic animated banners without Flash (using jQuery)

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few features but we’re proud of the result.  They currently manage nearly everything from Fresher and are able to create new product and sections at will.

Champion Resistance – Launched!

We just launched Champion’s new album Resistance.  Check out the release page with various bundles:

When our client, Saboteur Records, asked us to see what we could do for Champion, we met with the management team (Bon Sound) and proposed a minimal version of our music industry vertical solution.  They were already well into building a custom PHP based website and simply needed a way to sell directly to fans.

The team now uses Fresher for the player widget (with custom skin based on album cover) and for bundles – selling a CD with a t-shirt for example.  We included the widget creator and tacked on a few new features to the redirect page to help us handle bundle options (t-shirt sizes for example) and shipping.  It works great.

What surprised us is how this is a perfect fit for many artists who’ve wanted to deal with us this year but haven’t had the budget (or grants) to afford our up front costs.  This new “minimal” Fresher instance has a nominal setup fee and allows artists (and management) to sell through their existing websites without changing everything.  Needless to say, with Champion’s popularity still growing, the launch was a great success.

Also, The Trews pre-sale started this week for Bumstead:

We’re slowly gearing up to a complete revamp of the Bumstead site and looking forward to a few big titles this year with them.  Bumstead has chosen a full fledged Fresher based site for their label and artists.