Browser compatibility not quite there yet

I’ve been holding back my rants about the issues I’ve been dealing with for the new version of our CMS. I’ve had to rewrite the entire back end interface and it has taken much longer than expected. My clients aren’t happy about it and I’m even less so because my business isn’t “moving forward”.

I’m no stranger to compatibility issues. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that’s been dealing with it for as long as I have (I’m talking 1991 here). But I thought that by 2009, some would behave.

But no. Every browser has its problems and we’re still far from being able to write the same markup for all of em. Makes you wonder if public standards that don’t have major corporate backing are a pipe dream.

Goodbye 2008 – Hello 2009

If I was to sum up 2008 for MediaFresh, I’d say “growing pains”.  We’ve never had this many clients.  We’ve never been in demand this much.  It’s the kind of problem we want to have but it can be difficult to manage.  MediaFresh welcomes all our new clients for 2009 and we’d especially like to take the time to thank our current clients for their patience and understanding in 2008.   This upcoming year has never looked so promising and together, we’ll have a blast!  :)


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