Hair Launched! (Finally)

It’s with great pride that MediaFresh announces the launch of the new website for the Broadway musical “Hair”:

As some of you may know, Hair is back on Broadway after 40 years!  Hair is one of the biggest Broadway musicals of all time (if not the biggest).  The message is important and very appropriate for today:  Stop war!  We’ll be adding more features such as a contact page and a guest book.


Papervision3D experimentation…

I’ve spent the past few weeks working with Papervision3D for some clients but also for fun.  It’s been great so far and I finally have a little something to show for it.  I’m working on a crazy machine so the frame rate is no good.  But I’m not that concerned since it’s more of a learning experience and I’m playing around with what can be done.  I’ve seen quite a few versions of earth with pv3d so this isn’t new. 

Papervision3D first tests

All over the place…