Too much tech, too little time

It has been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been a busy lad. I’ve become a huge fan of GitHub and I’ve been keeping up with new technologies. Since then a few new and very interesting projects have come up where I get to work with these new technologies especially node.js which I have previously written about. I can’t talk about the new projects until they’re done.

In the meantime, we’ve added new features to the music vertical for Fresher. The widgets are now fully integrated with Google Analytics. We track loading/play/stop and can tell where the tracks are most heard. We’re also working on tracking all transactions so that we know where the sales are coming from and produce valuable reports for our clients.

Node.js and CouchDB FTW?

I’ve been digging deep these days getting up to speed on technology and I found two things that I find extremely exciting. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been looking for a scalable back end in SSJS (server side Javascript) trying to avoid the allure of RoR. I think I might have found my killer combo: CouchDB and Node.js.

CouchDB is written in Erlang (telco grade language), uses a document based model that’s so close to Fresher I could literally port our client’s data to it (we’re using an SQL Server), AND switched from XML to JSON earlier this year as native output through a RESTful HTTP API.

Node.js is an SSJS server but built around the Javascript event model (addListener for sockets) and uses V8 (The Chrome Javascript engine).

So I’m drooling at the possibilities here. What’s more is I can test run a CouchDB instance at (if they accept my application for a beta account).

I still might want some SQL for things like logs, orders, and CRM – but then again, we’ll see once I get my hands dirty…

All over the place…